I was once told, never talk about two things with friends. Religion and Politics. I was told those two subjects are the best way to start an argument. 

   However. Without talking about these things how are we supposed to know other people’s thoughts on society, and opinions? Sure you may disagree, but that doesn’t mean any one person is wrong. 

   Whats so great about minds, is that we can think for ourselves. We all have the power to think about what things mean to us. We find things about ourselves and start to shape ideas about who we are. 

   Our minds are powerful, but I fear we stopped thinking for ourselves, and started having others think for us. We all have voices. Verbal and nonverbal. So when did we become mute and not do anything? When did we start letting the media and things we read, define our beliefs? The media has their way of swaying our minds into their way of thinking. We stop thinking for ourselves and start believing one way is better than the other.

   Everyone wants to conform.  Even the “non-conformist” conform to other “non-conformist.” It’s not our fault, its human nature. However it’s time we all open our eyes, and saw the country for the way it is. 

   America is slowly losing the ideas it’s roots are made of. Our founding fathers could have never predicted, what america was going to be like in the future. Would they be ashamed or would they be proud? Take a look at politics, religion, economics, justice, and whatever else comes to mind when you think about America. 

   We all have a voice, but no one wants to speak it, because people are naturally afraid what other people might think or say. Tear off the tape and break free from the cage society has put you in. It’s time to speak up and give our true opinions. 

   If you like the way America is today, then great. It’s almost perfect for you. But if you don’t like that the 1% thrive on the 99% and, that money is becoming what America will build it’s self on for years to come. Money will be more of a powerhouse than it is today. Money can control our opinions and what we are made to believe.

   Some people want change, and see the best way to get it is to vote for it. That is not how to get change. Change starts with YOU, and ends with the people. Our country was built “by the people, for the people”. I think people have forgotten that. Without the people, government wouldn’t exist. The government can only get as strong as the people let it. If we truly want something changed WE have to stand up and change it. Not leave it up to elected officials. Even they are paid off, to keep society the way it runs today. 

   Change does not just happen. Change is made through hard work and dedication, with enough voices we can change everything. WE can get America back to the ideas it was founded upon. We have to believe things can change, but you have to believe in yourself to be that change.

   You have a voice. No matter how old you are or what you look like. We all have a voice. We all have the right to share our voice with the world.

   So stand up and let your voice be heard, because enough whisperers can eventually turn into a ROAR!


Get a job.

Billions of people go to work every day. Why? Because it’s what we’re suppose to do.

Do we like having jobs? No, but it’s what we gotta do.


What the fuck does YOLO mean? I don’t know, the kids are saying it these days.

I asked one.

“You only live once.”

That’s what it means. Ahh, okay.

So let’s go back to this working a job you don’t like because it’s what you have to do… Fuck that, YOLO, and I ain’t playing that damn game my whole life, just to die wishing I’d done something else.

Oh, I’m just a dreamer.

Damn right. YOLO, and I chose to dream.

Someone once told me I was a farmer and I needed to plow the fields. This person was using a metaphor, because I ain’t no farmer. The point was you gotta do what you gotta do so you can have nice things, raise a family, and not die hungry.

I guess that was the point. I don’t really fucking know. The only thing I heard was, “You’re living wrong, because it’s not like me. I’m not happy for deciding to go this route and I would like you to have to do it too.“

Well, fuck you.

But, then again, maybe I am a farmer.

What do farmers do?

They word excessively to produce a product they can sell for just pennies more than what they paid to produce it.

I create art and sell it for pennies more than I spent to make it. Actually, most often, I give it away.

Why? Well, a farmer does it because we gotta eat.

I do it because, after we eat, we gotta think. We gotta be entertained. We gotta have an opinion about something (even if it’s just a simple “I like that” or “I don’t like that”).

I work just as hard, if not harder than those 9-5ers creating my art and getting it out for the world to see and hear. I deal with rejection and misunderstanding daily. My boss isn’t just a jerk, my boss is a million jerks. But I love them, and I keep doing this for them, because every now and then one of my bosses really likes what I did. And every now again one of my bosses tells me that what I’ve done changed their outlook on life. There’s no amount of money that can make you feel that kind of happiness, that kind of togetherness, that kind of success.

So next time I’m told to drop my dreams and do something I hate for the rest of my time alive my response shall be: Fuck Off.

Why is this blog called The Phantom Limb?

Well, I find it to be a hard question to answer. I believe that this world, this country has forgotten what it means to be humans. We have pigeon-holed ourselves into looking at one another as enemies or different and we forgot  that we all came from the same beginning.

The same beginning in whatever you believe.

Knowledge is where truth and belief come together. Knowledge is what greats like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle strived for.

This blog is named after Phantom Limb Syndrome. According to an online source, 60-80% of recent amputees report feeling that the removed limb is still there. Still moving in sync but it isn’t. That limb is gone.

We may be missing that piece that bridged us together. That thing that united us. Knowledge is understanding that there are more than two sides to every story. Truth is what the facts are when placed in front of you and belief is your acceptance of the facts.

Knowledge is the fruit of all of that. I myself am guilty of being blind to knowledge as I use one source of information and I hope that I get and unbiased stream of facts.

I hope that this severed limb can be attached and that we can bring in a new era where we look at the institutions that have been around for years and we can say, “We built you. It isn’t the other way away.”

We. The People.

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